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About us.

At UGSI, LLC, we're dedicated to bridging academia and industry.


  • Through our free platform -, we unite educators with industry professionals for impactful classroom volunteer engagements, in person and online

  • Our global magazine, 1000 Spotlights celebrates those making a difference in society through their contributions of time or resources.

  • ACADEMIA curates top-notch speakers for corporations and for universities - workshops, seminars, panels & keynotes


Join us in our mission to cultivate meaningful connections and honor important contributions, together celebrating those making a difference in our society.

Business Networking

NETWORKING PORTAL is a free, global and volunteer-focused community portal that seeks to be a bridge between academia and industry for guest speaking in college and high school classrooms.


For Corporations and Schools

ACADEMIA stands for Academic and Corporate Advancement through Dynamic Educational Initiatives and Activities. We have mastered the art of tailoring workshops, seminars, keynotes and panels to your specific needs by curating an eclectic roster of expert presenters. We handle all aspects of workshop coordination, delivering a seamless and enriching experience for both our clients and participants.

Public Speaker
Beach Cleanup

1000 spotlights
why we give.

Our online magazine reflect our mission of giving back, to mentor and to inspire those around us. Through a series of interview questions, we explore intrinsic motivations behind why we give, and talk with those inclined to make a difference in the lives of others. 

get in touch.

1000 Spotlights Magazine Feature

(No pay-to-play. Just pure merit)

If you are writing to nominate someone (or yourself) for a 1000 Spotlight interview, please know that we are looking for those with exceptional records. Some examples include:

  • Being recognized for humanitarian work, including saving lives or working with vulnerable populations

  • Being an active member of organizations focused on socio-economic, academic, DEI efforts or mental health

  • Serving the country, or serious long-term and impactful volunteering in the community, including places of worship

  • Professionals in academia, mentoring and interacting with students regularly

  • Social impact storytellers with ethnographic experiences

(No catch. Membership is 100% free)

If you are looking to donate your time sharing your expertise or interacting with students, request your free invite code and join our amazing global community! Educators and career counselors looking for guest speakers for their college or high school students should also join the portal.  All opportunities are volunteer-focused and there is no charge to post requests either.

ACADEMIA: For both corporations and academic institutions

(Academic and Corporate Advancement through Dynamic Educational Initiatives and Activities)

If you looking for a presenter (workshop, keynotes, seminars and panels), get in touch. We are always open to partner!  Each expert sets their own fee range and we take care of the entire process of finding a presenter that is best fit for your request. We work on a commission-structure with the presenters at no additional cost to you.

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