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Angela Marie Hutchinson | Media Trailblazer & Author, Create Your Yes!

It was wonderful to connect with Angela Marie Hutchinson, BBC World News Oscars Commentator, Screenwriter, Producer and Engagement Director, EHS.

How does one strive to live a life of service?

I think service starts in your home, among your family and friends. Then it can extend into volunteer with organizations. Since I was a young girl, I was raised in the church. And so I instill that same experience with my children as Christians. I volunteer as the Sunday School Teacher at my church. It’s so much fun planning the lessons and finding ways to shed a light on God as well as practical ways they can use at school, home and in life in general.

One of my greatest joys is serving the youth at my church. I had always said I’ll be the Sunday school teacher when I’m retired and older. Our current Sunday school teacher had always asked me to help out, so I did occasionally. But I felt like my schedule and life as a working mom and wife was too robust to also serve my church on a regular basis. During the pandemic, our Sunday school teacher was not computer savvy so I stepped in to temporarily be our Sunday School Teacher. Even with the pandemic being over, I’m still here. Lol. God has a way of getting you to do what’s in your heart and His plans for your life.

How did you help your community this year?

At my church, our congregation regularly participates in service activities. Our family participates together by making compassion packs for the homeless with donated supplies of toiletries, and around Christmas time we make original, handwritten Christmas cards for incarcerated youth. I also volunteer at my children’s schools when I can, and currently serve as a board member on the governing council at my son’s high school.

What is the value of giving back to the community?

Giving back especially in the area where you want to be successful is a great strategy for business success. In my book, Create Your Yes!, I have a chapter titled, Pay the Yes Forward | Creative Altruism. Often defined as a moral principle that expresses concern for the well being of others, altruism is a wonderful trait to add to one’s character. Having a long-term commitment or even a one-time effort toward providing a path to happiness for someone else is an important aspect to our human experience.

What is one thing that a student taught you?

I learned that you don’t have to crawl before you walk, in life and business. My youngest son when he was a baby never crawled and just one day started walking. So that is a lesson that I use in pursuing goals, remembering that yes there are sometimes required steps needed to achieve certain goals. But sometimes you can get where you want to go, with prayer, hard work, and not always striving for the traditional, linear path.

What gives you fulfillment in life?

My quiet time is one of the most special aspects that fulfills me. Whether it’s my morning stretch and reading the bible routine before my family awakes, or walks around a nearby lake listening to podcasts or sermons, or the frequent all with my mother and close friends. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love to express my creativity and project management abilities, so when I have experiences that allow me to do that related to my work or profession that adds to my fulfillment. One of the things I’m truly grateful for is a healthy mind and body.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Having my children. Learning how to push through physical adversity when it came to pregnancy, and in turn gaining a path to understanding the value of creating yeses in my life. When I was in college, my goal was to get married, have children, and a successful career. I’m so grateful to have been able to achieve all three. Now, my achievement focus has shifted to goals connected to my children, my 20-year marriage, and parents.

What is one industry book that a newcomer must read?

Create Your Yes! When You Keep Hearing No: A 12-Step Strategy for Success written by none other than myself! I wrote the book to help folks redirect rejection in their lives and learn how to create unique opportunities in their professional and personal lives. Also, one of my favorite books is the Power of Focus by Jack Canfield and a couple other co-authors.


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