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Daniel Johnson | Growth Marketing Expert

We had an opportunity to catch up with UK-based growth marketing expert, Daniel Johnson.

What’s an urgent issue facing education? One urgent issue facing education at the moment is the mental health of both students and education staff. There is often not enough emphasis placed on the wellbeing and mental health of students. Education staff are often under-resourced and overworked and there are record numbers of young people experiencing mental health issues. There is a growing mental health crisis for young people in the UK. According to the Local Government Association, the number of children needing help from councils for mental health issues was 87,750 in 2022 – an increase of nearly 53 per cent on the 57,410 recorded in 2018. It has been my privilege to work with eQuoo, a fantastic mental health app for young people. Tech is a fantastic way to engage young people, offer support with their mental health signpost resources and help.

What drives you to give back? When I was starting out in my career I was lucky enough to have the support of more experienced founders and marketers and I know how just a little knowledge, or help with a problem can go a long way and save a lot of time. As a Google Mentor and founder of a digital marketing company I’ve worked with hundreds of people around the world. I feel I’ve been so lucky to have had fantastic training and experience and I would love the opportunity to be able to pay it forward.

What is the most meaningful part of your job? I’m inspired by the innovative, dynamic power of startups. They’re built with innovative ideas and the hard-graft of a small talented team, using lean, iterative, data-driven methods to drive growth. I believe that with the right support, startups can save the world. I love working with startup founders on their mission. Often their business is their baby. They’ve worked really hard and given everything to bring their unique idea to life. I find it really meaningful to be able to help startups grow their mission. It feels like really important and emotionally valuable work.

What advice would you give to your younger self? Work hard, don’t take things too seriously and try to live a relatively balanced life!

What is one industry book that a newcomer must read?

Julian Shapiro’s Startup Handbook. It’s a full scale step by step tutorial about the world of growth marketing and how to do it practically and efficiently. It’s the bible for startups!


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