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In conversation with Kevin Beatty: Student Opportunities in B2B Tech Marketing

In this YouTube episode, we invited Mr. Kevin Beatty to talk about business-to-business tech marketing.

Kevin is a B2B marketing executive as well as an educator. He has 20+ years of global B2B software and service experience in SMB and Enterprise tech segments. He is also a veteran and a proud USAF Dad.

In this conversation, Kevin talks about how B2B Tech Marketing should not be overlooked. He discusses jobs in the field and the benefits of working in big vs. small companies. He also advises students on the skills they need to acquire and software they need to learn.

If you have further questions, please get in touch and we will connect you with Kevin.



The Stories We Tell is a series of informal conversations.

In a short Q & A format, SpeakerPost CEO and Founder, Dr. Kapoor explores different subject areas with experts from academia, industry, business and government.

SpeakerPost is a free platform that brings together academia and industry for meaningful partnerships. It is also the best place to find volunteer guest speakers for college classes. We hope that the stories we tell helps somebody, somewhere.

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