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PR Council Agency-Ready Certificate is back!

I have been in touch with Andi Hughes' PR Council over the last year for SpeakerPost. I first heard of the PR Council through my students who completed a certification program that PR Council offered them last year.

Andi told me that their first-ever certification program was quite successful - In the summer of 2020, almost 2000 students completed this PR certification - many of my students wrote back to me to share that they enjoyed it and some got jobs because of it as well.

Yesterday, my student, Dennis Osario tagged me on LinkedIn to notify me that the program is back for Year 2. Thus, this blog post.

Visit this site below to register. Choose 2021 Agency-Ready Certificate, and complete the registration.

This is a FREE program and is expected to launch June 7. It is open to college / graduate students as well as recent grads who want to work in the field of public relations. There are no assignments / tests but participants are required to submit a written response after every course to receive credit.

Earning the certificate requires attending twenty hours of educational webinars. The certification includes participation in LIVE or recorded agency leader-led webinars on strategic planning, social media strategy, digital innovation, industry tech platforms, secrets to interviewing, etc.

Please feel free to share this with students!


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