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Public Relations: Blogs, Associations & News Resources to follow

We are hoping this list is helpful to public relations educators, students and industry folks alike. Please share the ones that you think are missing and should be on this list and we will add it in our next update.

Person at a media event
Person at a media event


  • Ragan’s PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media and media worlds. The PR Daily division is one of Ragan Communications' several divisions on social media, leadership, corporate communication, etc.

  • Edelman Insights: Edelman is one of the largest independent PR agencies in the world. This blog is written by Richard Edelman and it is all about how this agency operates.

  • Reddit's r/PublicRelations: User-driven resource for advice-seekers. Lots of threads.

  • The Flack is written by Peter Himler from Flatiron Communications. It talks about the role of PR in politics, popular culture, media, journalism, healthcare, finance & sports.

  • ImPRessions— is published by Dorothy Crenshaw, founder of Crenshaw Communications. Some other members of the company also write on the blog.

  • Ishmael’s Cornercreated by Lou Hoffman, CEO of The Hoffman Agency. The company has several blogs - the agency blog. the Asia-Pacific blog and this one.

  • Influence & Co. seeks to be a bridge between content marketing and PR. Their blog covers many topics - from thought leadership to insights for the modern marketer.

  • Stratechery by Ben Thompson. Cool blog, lots of thought-provoking tidbits. Podcast, too. Look up blog by topics.

  • Talking points Blog by Arik Hanson from ACH Communications. He writes about the week in PR, media and social marketing.

  • ContentChat by Erika Heald: Erika is a marketing consultant. She does #contentchat on Mondays on Twitter at 12 PST, 3 EST where she brings together content creators and marketers to share their challenge and best practice solutions.

  • The Shift Blog is written by folks at Shift Communications, conversations around PR!

  • Spin Sucks, started by Gini Dietrich. Blog, podcast, book and also an academy.

  • Roxane Papagiannopoulos's blog is mostly about research and measurement in PR. She is the president of RMP Media Analysis.

  • Frank Strong's blog, Sword and Script may have had humble beginnings but is now is part of a boutique PR consultancy based out of Atlanta.

  • Shonali Burke has a consulting company but she also has a blog called Waxing UnLyrical. She also offers several training programs on the blog.

  • Katie Paine’s Measurement Blog is all about PR measurement.

  • Scott Monty has a blog and newsletter called Timeless and Timely. He has been writing since 2006, lots of content here.

  • PR Couture is an interesting blog! Goes beyond fashion and lifestyle, BTW. They also have a FB group and an industry membership program called the COTERIE.

  • Heather Whaling is the CEO of Geben Communications. She also writes on PR Tini.

  • Dave Fleet writes about digital, marketing and communication. He is EVP and National Practice Lead for Digital at Edelman.

  • Shel Hotz has been in the business for over four decades. He has a blog and a newsletter. Good stuff, promise.

  • has a blog on media monitoring measurement + Twitter

  • Dave Costello is a consultant. He writes on TechSposure about business leads, promoting products and securing press coverage.

  • Brian Solis hosts (r)evolution, a popular online video series that examines technology, trends and best practices and introduces viewers to the thought leaders who are blazing the trail. This may help PR folks!

  • John Cass has a podcast on agile marketing but he also writes much about PR and social media on his blog.

  • Bad Pitch Blog is written by Kevin Dugan (PR Blog) & Richard Laermer (RLM PR)

  • Solo PR Pro is for PR consultants, and has a ton of information. You can find a PR consultant on this site and they also have a podcast.


  • Public Relations Today has personalized expert insights. Lots of topics and resources - crisis, marketing, media relations, social media, branding, etc.

  • O'Dwyer's PR News offers marketing and communication news, firm rankings etc.

  • The Future Buzz may not publish all that regularly, but posts are great and still relevant.

  • PRovoke - The Holmes Report is now PRovoke. Lots of great information here, agency playbook, awards, rankings, and events.

  • Daily PR Brief is a free email newsletter for PR and communication professionals.

  • PR Week blog has sections for US, UK, Asia and and Middle East

  • PR News Online has a wealth of information around crisis, diversity, internal communication, media relations, digital, tech, etc.

  • Social Pro Daily is a part of Ad Week and is about everything social media.

Member presenting to the association
Member presenting to the association


Public Relations Society of America: Joining the PRSA is a great idea for industry professionals, PR entrepreneurs and even educators. Students should join the PRSSA that offers several opportunities to participate in student conferences, mentorship ,etc. They also have a blog called PRSay.

Institute for Public Relations is a nonprofit foundation dedicated to fostering greater use of research and research-based knowledge in public relations and corporate communication practice. They also have a good newsletter.

O'Dwyer has a database of PR associations. If you are looking for a deep-dive, here is where you should go.

National School Public Relations Association (not directly relevant to PR professionals but may help educators, perhaps?) has been providing school communication training and services to school leaders throughout the United States, Canada, and the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) schools.


This BrandWatch list is helpful. It sites 21 valuable and powerful PR tools. They also have another article where they share writing tools recommendations.

Marketing Sherpa offers 25 free resources - from email discussion groups and tools to newsletters.


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