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EXCITING COLLABORATION We are so proud to partner with SpeakerPost member and media broadcasting guru, Lynn Briggs as she launches the Merge Project, a media literary platform dedicated to mentoring students for careers in traditional and new media.

The first Merge Talk webinar will take place on Tuesday, Oct 18, 2022, 9 PM ET. Check out this video below and register to hear national television hosts Brian Custer and Erica Cobb talk about their triumphs and setbacks in media. Space is limited. Webinar Registration

CELEBRATING OUR AUTHORS We are lucky to have some amazing authors in our community! Find them on SpeakerPost, send them a congratulatory message, invite them to your class, panels or podcasts to talk about their book, and bookmark them by logging to our platform and adding them to 'Your Community'.

SpeakerPost member Stephen Skripak takes us on the journey of someone who transitioned from a long career as an executive with major companies to one as a popular and sought-after college professor. By sharing personal stories, he guides us through the many ups and downs of both the business and academic worlds, highlighting the challenges and opportunities they present. Anyone contemplating a significant career switch, particularly one into the academic world, should read this book first.

SpeakerPost member, Shaun M. Anderson, Ph.D. examines the Black athlete’s rise in advocating for social justice and how today’s athletes have moved beyond protesting to create substantial change for Black Americans. Anderson reflects on the history and evolution of Black athlete activism, breaking down its importance during the civil rights movement, the commodification of athletes during the 1990s, and how twenty-first century athletes have utilized their wealth and influence to create lasting societal change in the age of #BlackLivesMatter. Publication date: Feb 8, 2023 Smart Talk: Public Relations Essentials AllPros Should Know

SpeakerPost member, accredited public relations expert and boutique agency owner Melissa Vela-Williamson's book is a great buy for aspiring students, journalists, and marketers. She provides experience-based insight that bridges the gap between classroom and career, showing us how to avoid detrimental mistakes. In this book, readers learn about developing beneficial relationships, creating integrated communication strategies, planning targeted campaigns, and advising clients in their diversity and inclusion efforts. Publication date: Oct 25, 2022

SpeakerPost member, Candace Doby works with universities and organizations across the U.S. to help young leaders build courage in themselves. Her new book is an inspirational self-love workbook filled with over 125 empowering quotes and journal prompts for girls and young women to find their courage and build confidence.


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