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Academic and Corporate Advancement through Dynamic Educational Initiatives and Activities

For Corporations and Universities

Looking for workshop and keynote presenters?


  • We tailor workshops and presentations to your specific needs

  • Our network has 500+ expert presenters from around the world

  • We handle all aspects of workshop + keynote + panel coordination

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Extensive Presenter Network

We've forged partnerships with a diverse array of skilled presenters, spanning academics, industry professionals, and visionary thought leaders. Our selection process hinges on their expertise and their knack for delivering impactful workshops & presentations.

Customized Solutions

Institutions and corporations in search of academic or corporate workshops, panels and seminars can simply reach out to us. After understanding your unique requirements, we provide a handpicked selection of workshop topics and presenter profiles. Clients can then choose from our pre-designed workshops or request customizations to suit their precise needs.


We offer a varied selection of learning experiences. From foundational bootcamps to specialized sessions, we provide tailored workshops for every expertise level and industry

Comprehensive Services

We take pride in offering full-service packages that encompass every facet of execution. From presenter coordination and the provision of materials to venue arrangements, whether physical or virtual, we handle it all. We also offer you the flexibility to select a workshop from our extensive catalog and administer it independently. See sample selection below.

Quality Assurance

Evaluation is an integral part of our organizational process. We are committed to upholding the highest quality standards in every event we facilitate. 

sample workshops


Image by Sam McGhee

Our most popular workshops are on Public Speaking, Media Relations, Personal Branding, AI and Copyright Law, Integrating Cultural Strategy with Public Relations, What Aspiring Pros Should Know about PR and Inclusive Communication Musts. 

Influencer Marketing

Giving a Presentation

Dive deep into the concept of influencer marketing as a force for social impact. Unveil how influencers, with their engaged and expansive audiences, can become catalysts for positive transformations across various spheres. Through insights, campaigns and actionable insights, learn how to identify the right influencers, structure campaigns with purpose & measure real-world impact of your efforts.​

Workplace Communication

Business Discussion

Your voice has the power to inspire change, motivate others, and drive success in the workplace. But how can you tap into that power and become a confident leader? In this talk, you'll learn practical strategies for speaking up and leading with confidence in any situation. From giving presentations to facilitating meetings, you'll discover simple yet powerful tools that will help you communicate more effectively and confidently.

Salary Negotiation


Learn how to master negotiations with the toughest bosses and come out on top! This workshop is designed to address the challenges of negotiating with dominant and aggressive managers. It is structured to provide practical skills necessary for effective negotiation in such challenging situations.

Powerful Brand Building


This popular brand strategy workshop simplifies the process of building a strong brand. We use a framework that we have developed over the years and provide a step-by-step process, packed with examples from everyday brands, to help a brand build a unique personality and identity. The workshop usually covers the following areas such as brand personality, voice and tone, messaging and positioning and values. 

Case Interviewing

Professor with Students

A case interview workshop is targeted to business students who aspire to work in consulting or banking. Both industries use the case format heavily in assessing incoming candidates. A case interview is different than a case study in a business course and from a case competition because the student is given the information (or must ask relevant questions to draw out the needed info) during the interview and generally must work through the case in 30-45 minutes with no preparation. However, in a workshop, one can get both tips and some experience with the process, which has proven invaluable in the live setting. 

Inspiration Algorithm

Business Presentation

Learn a dynamic framework designed to unlock the power of synergy between your mission, your message and the media channels you employ. Explore the psychology of storytelling and the art of crafting messages that not only communicate your mission but also evoke emotions and spark connections. Learn how to curate campaigns that encompass the journey from awareness to advocacy, to measure your message, assess its alignment with the mission and gauge the media effectiveness in propelling your goals forward.

Goal Setting

Image by Unseen Studio

Join us for a transformational workshop to learn about how different people accomplish incredible goals. Gift yourself this chance to craft a clear path to your goals. Set yourself up with goal-setting strategies that actually work. And draft a plan for your best year ever! No matter what your goals are, this workshop will help you get clear on your North Star and your Next Steps. 

Digital Marketing 101

Image by Melanie Deziel

This crash course provides an overview of marketing for individuals considering a career in this field or within the startup ecosystem. It is designed to cater to a wide range of learners, including those with extensive knowledge of marketing and those with limited or no prior experience in marketing. The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the key elements of a robust digital marketing stack.

Laughter Yoga

Image by Jaime Lopes

Playfully learn and practice wellbeing tools and exercises that improve resilience based on scientific research. Experience neuroplasticity through experiential exercises that mix scientific understanding with practical use. 

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