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dorothy Mashburn

Workshop Facilitator

Travels from: Phoenix, AZ

Worshop Fee Range:

Starts at $7000

Available for:

In-person or virtual workshops

Negotiation, Influence, Persuasion, Confidence, Mindset Mastery, Gender Pay Gap

To book Dorothy, contact us.

DOROTHY's Workshop

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Turning the Tables

How to Master Negotiations with Even the Toughest Bosses and Come Out on Top!

This workshop is designed to address the challenges of negotiating with dominant and aggressive managers. It is structured to provide practical skills necessary for effective negotiation in such challenging situations.


The workshop comprises several key components:

Challenges in Negotiating with Dominant and Aggressive Managers: This section sets the stage by discussing the unique difficulties faced when dealing with dominant and aggressive management styles. It aims to prepare participants for the specific challenges they may encounter.

Presentation - Characteristics of Dominant and Aggressive Managers: This segment involves a detailed presentation on the traits and behaviors typical of dominant and aggressive managers. Understanding these characteristics is crucial for developing strategies to effectively interact and negotiate with such individuals.

Group Discussion: Sharing Experiences and Examples: Participants will engage in group discussions, sharing their personal experiences and examples of interactions with dominant and aggressive managers. This interactive session aims to foster peer learning and provide insights into various real-world scenarios.

Key Negotiation Principles and Strategies: This crucial part of the workshop covers the fundamental principles of negotiation, tailored to the context of dealing with difficult managers. It will offer strategies and techniques to negotiate effectively, even in the face of dominance and aggression.

Identifying and Managing Conflict during Negotiations: Participants will learn how to identify potential conflicts in negotiations and acquire skills to manage and resolve these conflicts constructively. This session is vital for maintaining professionalism and achieving positive outcomes in challenging negotiations.

Building Personal Resilience in Tough Negotiations: The workshop concludes with strategies for building personal resilience. This section is designed to empower participants, helping them to maintain their composure, confidence, and negotiation effectiveness in the face of adversity.

Overall, this workshop aims to equip participants with a comprehensive set of skills and strategies to navigate the complex dynamics of negotiating with dominant and aggressive managers, fostering more effective and positive negotiation outcomes.


Dorothy Mashburn is a seasoned negotiator with over 20 years of experience, dedicated to empowering women in their careers. Passionate about closing the gender pay gap, she offers elite negotiation strategies.

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