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Indy Rishi Singh

Workshop Facilitator 

Travels from: Hawaii or Los Angeles

Speaker Fee Range:

$10.000 - $30,000

Available for:

Facilitations to improve organizational health & culture

Talks about:

Neuroplasticity for resilience, Communication exercises, preventing burnout

To book Indy, contact us.

Indy's Workshop

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Playfully learn and practice wellbeing tools and exercises that improve resilience based on scientific research. 


Experience neuroplasticity through experiential exercises that mix scientific understanding with practical use. This speech is more of an experience, reminding us of our innate ability to develop neural connections and improve ourselves.

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Understand why sleep is so important and experience an example of wakeful sleep that can help with focus, stress, and improving overall metabolic functions.

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About Indy

Indy Rishi Singh is a heart-centered wellbeing educator. He shares tools for resilience and wellness with individuals and communities at all levels of society. Indy has created wellbeing curriculum for the scientists at RAND Corporation and has shared mindfulness tools for houseless clients at The People Concern. Texas Health & Human Services welcomed Indy to lead an interactive keynote speech at their WIC Breastfeeding Conference.


Indy regularly introduces neuroplasticity exercises to students and staff at universities and colleges throughout the country. Indy recently served as Human Relations Commissioner in a city in the Bay Area and introduced wellbeing to the city staff, council members, and the greater civic community. He sits on the board of directors of Cultivating Self, a 501c3 nonprofit charity that is supporting the mental and physical health of nurses, physicians and other caregivers. Indy’s clients have included: Disney, 72 and Sunny, Fox, local law enforcement, Pepperdine University, Cal State Long Beach, Marriott Hotel, and many more.

As a social scientist, I believe it is important for individuals to grow from experiences in our environment. As humans built to survive, we tend to be influenced by negative inputs, which we believe guide us in creating boundaries and thus result in separation and perpetuate fear of ourselves and those around us. Indy's work on neuroplasticity allows people to find things in ourselves, such as joy and laughter, that tend to be shut away from our engagement with others (and with ourselves). Especially in areas of high stress work environments, such as policing, Indy has been extremely successful in bringing joy and happiness into the lives and workplaces of his participants. The tools that Indy provides for people and for organizations is highly valuable and I believe, will show positive outcomes for people and their communities beyond my lifetime. 

– Dr. Lindsey Jarrett Ph.D, Center for Practical Bioethics

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