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Workshop Facilitator

Travels from: Los Angeles, CA

Workshop Fee Range:

Starts at $350 per person & $500 per person for masterclass. Pricing is based on group size so please inquire!

Available for:

In-person or virtual

Media, marketing, messaging, and measurement for social impact

To book Nick, contact us.

nick's Workshops

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influencer marketing

Nick dives deep into the concept of influencer marketing as a force for social impact. He unveil how influencers, with their engaged and expansive audiences, can become catalysts for positive transformations across various spheres. Through insights, campaigns and actionable insights, learn how to identify the right influencers, structure campaigns with purpose & measure real-world impact of your efforts.

inspiration algorithm

Learn a dynamic framework designed to unlock the power of synergy between your mission, your message and the media channels you employ. Nick explores the psychology of storytelling and the art of crafting messages that not only communicate your mission but also evoke emotions and spark connections. Learn how to curate campaigns that encompass the journey from awareness to advocacy, to measure your message, assess its alignment with the mission and gauge the media effectiveness in propelling your goals forward.

About NICK

With a passion for guiding organizations toward transformative impact, Nick Lynch has become a recognized expert in influencer marketing tailored for nonprofits, strategic data and analytics usage, and the creation of impactful corporate partnerships.

For Nick, the evolving landscape of social impact presents not just challenges but also immense opportunities. Amidst the digital noise, he excels at identifying transformative advancements, decoding complexity and paving the way for impactful strategies that fuel sustainable growth for nonprofits and impact-driven companies.

As anticipation builds for March 2024, Nick is gearing up for a significant milestone: the launch of his debut book. This eagerly awaited publication explores his groundbreaking philosophy, the "SPH model." This framework empowers organizations to curate social moments that matter, nurture partnerships that thrive, and infuse their missions with a profound sense of humanity.

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