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Sarah Glova Headshot

Sarah Glova, Ph.D.

Workshop Facilitator

Travels from: Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Speaker Fee Range:

$5000 - $15,000

Available for: 


Talks about:

Communication & Goal Setting

To book Sarah, contact us.

SARAH's Workshops

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Mastering Workplace Communication: Speak Up and Lead with Impact

Your voice has the power to inspire change, motivate others, and drive success in the workplace. But how can you tap into that power and become a confident leader? In this talk, you'll learn practical strategies for speaking up and leading with confidence in any situation. From giving presentations to facilitating meetings, you'll discover simple yet powerful tools that will help you communicate more effectively and confidently.

Get FEARLESSLY Clear on How to Achieve Your Goals! 

We know you've got goals—and we want to help you make them happen. But here's the thing—most of what we think we know about goal setting doesn't work. That's why so many of us struggle with New Year's Resolutions! We get tripped up in execution, paralyzed by the questions of “how do I start” or “what should I do next,” and then we lose traction when life gets in the way. And what's worse — even though we're working hard, we don't seem to get any closer to our most important goals. 

Not anymore. It's not just GO time; it's GOAL time. Join us for a transformational workshop with Dr. Sarah Glova, a business journalist who's dedicated her life to telling the stories of accomplished entrepreneurs and innovators. She'll share her research, after years of studying how different people accomplish incredible goals—getting you the information you need to make your goals a reality. 

Gift yourself this chance to craft a clear path to your goals. Set yourself up with goal-setting strategies that actually work. And draft a plan for your best year ever! No matter what your goals are, this workshop will help you get clear on your North Star and your Next Steps. 

About Sarah.

Dr. Sarah Glova is a globally recognized speaker, successful entrepreneur, and business consultant.

A seasoned educator, Sarah is known for translating complicated technical trends into authentic discussions. As CEO of the award-winning digital media firm, Reify Media, Sarah leads business groups with actionable tools to augment individual performance and company growth. With a Ph.D. in Instructional Technology and a Master of Science in Technical Communication, Sarah is dedicated to cultivating forward-thinking work environments.


From a storied 15-year history of conveying innovative concepts and educating a wide-ranging audience,

Sarah has been engaged by leading organizations from California to Qatar.

“Dr. Glova is easy to work with—as an event organizer, I appreciated her flexibility and professionalism. She is an excellent speaker; she can present on the most technical topic but make it engaging for your audience. Book her for your next event.”

– Caroline Griffin, Director of Operations at RIoT

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