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Brand Strategy, Marketing and Go-to-Market

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YOHAN'S Workshops

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This crash course provides an overview of marketing for individuals considering a career in this field or within the startup ecosystem. It is designed to cater to a wide range of learners, including those with extensive knowledge of marketing and those with limited or no prior experience in marketing. The workshop aims to familiarize participants with the key elements of a robust digital marketing stack, which typically include:

  • Understanding your audience: creating personas

  • Introduction to brand strategy

  • Marketing funnels and buyer journeys

  • Marketing strategies and tactics

  • Analytics and measurement

Brand Strategy // How to build a powerful brand

The brand strategy workshop (one of our most popular) simplifies the process of building a strong brand. We use a framework that we have developed over the years and provide a step-by-step process, packed with examples from everyday brands, to help a brand build a unique personality and identity. The workshop usually covers the following areas:

  • Brand Personality

  • Voice and Tone

  • Messaging and Positioning

  • Values

Audience Segmentation & Personas // Knowing your customer

The audience strategy module provides a clear understanding of the importance of knowing your customers in order to succeed in marketing. It offers practical frameworks to apply in the marketing process, covering customer segments, customer personas, and how to utilize them in everyday marketing decisions.


  1. Dynamic and Entertaining: Based on our experience, we have found that teaching new concepts and theories is most effective when done in an entertaining and engaging manner. To achieve this, we incorporate elements of pop culture, examples from familiar brands, humor, and more.

  2. Application-focused: Each workshop includes a dedicated portion for in-class application. Students are given the opportunity to apply a specific module within the teaching session using a framework provided by Yohan. Once completed, students are encouraged to share their work with the class. Typically, we include 2-3 in-class application modules within the workshop.

  3. Emphasis on Q&A: We have discovered that students retain a significant amount of information through Q&A sessions. We allocate 15-20 minutes specifically for questions during the workshop.

About YOHAN.

Yohan Sudheer is the Principal and CEO of FishHook, a strategic marketing consultancy for early-stage startups. Together, they have closely worked with over 50 startups backed by Accel, YC, AI Fund, and more.

Additionally, Yohan is the Program Director for The Startup Growth Hour, a unique Marketing Mentorship Program for startup teams. Developed in collaboration with WeWork, the program has made an impact on over 100 teams and 250 founders and marketers from the US, Europe, India, and Russia.

He is a mentor & speaker for the WeWork Labs Accelerator and the DC Chamber of Commerce Accelerator.

Yohan has conducted workshops and learning sessions for top accelerators and communities such as OnDeck, Techstars, F of X, Stoa School, and more.

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