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About is a free, social-good, volunteer-focused community platform that seeks to be a bridge between academia and industry for guest speaking in college and high school classrooms.


Our community is global and across disciplines. We have educators, industry folks, business founders, and creative professionals on our platform.

If you are looking for a guest speaker to brighten your class, you should sign up. College professors, and middle and high school teachers are encouraged to join our network. Requesting a guest speaker is free and easy.

If you are looking for ways to give back to academia, sign up and share your career journey with students. is not a money-making enterprise. There is no payment functionality on the platform.


Our focus is to give back!

To sign up, visit and request your invitation code. 

Our Members Say


Love SpeakerPost.


I was able to give my “What is Marketing” What is Advertising, With the 9P’s of Marketing” presentation to 350-400 students at a university in Ho Chi Minh. SpeakerPost delivers awareness, desire, interest and action.


What an excellent resource.

Larry Steven Londre

Senior Marketing & Advertising Consultant, Marketing Analyst, Problem Solver, Expert Witness

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