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Career Path Informational (CPI)

Are you a student looking for career guidance? Do you have a list of burning questions about a career you want to pursue? 

SpeakerPost's CPI program matches you with an academic or industry mentor who will volunteer 30-60 minutes to help you think through your career path and skills you need to develop to get your dream job!

CPI Program Details

Our CPI program is part of and is meant specifically for students. 

Students can reach out directly to us or work with their department liaison to coordinate an informational meeting with our mentors. Interested students should complete the application below. Once we receive your application, we will reach out. 

The CPI Program is open to undergraduate (Juniors & Seniors) and graduate students. It has been designed to help all students, and especially first-generation students to virtually meet and talk with successful folks from different industries. 

We will attempt to accommodate all student applicants that take the time to complete the application in a thoughtful and respectful way and with some degree of clarity.  

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