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New Member Resources

This section is for SpeakerPost members. 

If you are new to our volunteer site,, this stuff below may help.

Colleagues Working Together
Image by Lucas Lenzi

Who's on the site?

Log in

Go to Browse Profiles.

Click on the profile for details.

Image by Brands&People

What is a badge?

A badge is a recommendation. 

Appreciate a speaker / mentor. 

Say thank you when invited to speak.

Using a Tablet

Can I invite friends?

Log in. Go to Settings.

Copy-paste your unique invitation code.

Share it with friends via email or SMS.


Is there a tutorial?

Yes, of course. Chuffed you asked.

Learn to navigate the site.

This may help.

Guest Speaker

I need speakers.

Yep, that's why the site exists.

Our community can help. Sign in.

Create and publish your request.

Image by Nick Fewings

What is'My Community'?

That would be your 'Peeps'.

Folks you bookmark for easy access.

 Log in. Visit a Profile -> Click the Heart.

Confetti Girl

Personal Branding

We celebrate your success

Email us your achievements  & we'll shout

it out from social media rooftops

Timely Updates

I want timely updates.

Follow us on social media.

Ensure you are getting our weekly digest

Turn those 'Settings' notifications on.

Applying to Help

Can I apply to help?

You are the best!. Log In.

Go to Search Speaker Opportunities.

Select one. Click on Apply To Help.

Sharing resources

Can I share resources?

Totally. Go to the HOME page. 

Share & respond to articles & photos.

Tag folks from your 'community'

Image by Simone Secci

I have questions.

It's a new concept. 

We made a list of FAQs.

Review them here.

Image by Alexander Andrews

Need to reach you.

Contacting us is easy.

We would love to hear from you.

Connect here.

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