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Photo of our founder, Komal Kapoor

Komal Shah Kapoor, Ph.D.

CEO, SpeakerPost & 1000 Spotlights

Komal is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of all students, everywhere. She founded SpeakerPost to bridge the divide between educators and between educators and industry professionals for specifically guest speaking in high school and college classrooms. She intends to always keep the marketplace free and believes that the platform is her contribution to academic world - one that has been so good to her!

1000 Spotlights was created to feature those doing impressive work in society. Komal shares their life journeys with the hope that those stories inspire others to give back too!


Born and raised in India, Komal spent 20+ years in corporate, freelance, academic and entrepreneurial circles in Mumbai, Detroit, New York City and Los Angeles. She has an inter-disciplinary doctoral degree in Speech Communication, Consumer Marketing and Anthropology from Wayne State University and also serves on its alumni board. 

Komal continues to teach college-level applied communication courses and she is also an avid blogger, focused on life in Los Angeles, family travel, wellness and yummy food. You can follow her blog, Green Sea Shells. 

Komal currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA with her family and her pretty labradoodle, Haiku.

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