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SpeakerPost  Workshops

Where academic institutions and corporations find top-notch workshops!

Keynote Speakers too!

At SPW, we've mastered the art of tailoring workshops to your specific needs by curating an eclectic roster of expert presenters. We handle all aspects of workshop coordination, delivering a seamless and enriching experience for both our clients and participants.

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Extensive Presenter Network

We've forged partnerships with a diverse array of skilled presenters, spanning academics, industry professionals, and visionary thought leaders. Our selection process hinges on their expertise and their knack for delivering impactful workshops

Customized Workshop Solutions

Institutions and corporations in search of academic or corporate workshops can simply reach out to us. After understanding their unique requirements, we provide a handpicked selection of workshop topics and presenter profiles. Clients can then choose from our pre-designed workshops or request customizations to suit their precise needs.

Types of Workshops

We offer a varied selection of learning experiences. From foundational bootcamps to specialized sessions, we provide tailored workshops for every expertise level. 

Comprehensive Workshop Services

SPW takes pride in offering full-service workshop packages that encompass every facet of workshop execution. From presenter coordination and the provision of workshop materials to venue arrangements, whether physical or virtual, we handle it all. We also offer you the flexibility to select a workshop from our extensive catalog and administer it independently. 

Quality Assurance

Post-workshop evaluation is an integral part of our organizational process. We are committed to upholding the highest quality standards in every workshop we facilitate. 


Image by Sam McGhee

Public Relations 

Target: Students & corporations

Business Discussion

Mastering Workplace Communication

Target: Business Owners

Image by Campaign Creators

The Digital Marketing Crash Course

Target: Corporations & academic institutions

Image by Redd F

How to Build a Powerful Brand

Target: Start Ups


Case Interviewing

Target: Business students

Work Meeting

Goal Setting & Resolute

Target: Business Owners

Giving a Presentation

Impactful Influencer Marketing

Target: Corporations, Nonprofits, and Business Students


The Inspiration Algorithm: Aligning Mission, Message, and Media

Target: Corporations, Nonprofits, & Business Students

Taught by: Nick Lynch


Salary Negotiation

Target: Women professionals

Image by Jaime Lopes

Laughter Yoga & Wellbeing

Target: Corporations & academic institutions

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